I had just arrived in Dublin airport after a sales trip in Germany in association with Tourism Ireland to the ping ping ping of my mobile heralding the amazing news that Harvey’s Point had once again secured the Number 1 Hotel in Ireland – even making the top 6 in Europe and the top 20 in the world. What a feeling of joy and pride! As I waited for my luggage to appear on the conveyer belt, the phone was hopping but I was hopping, hoping to catch the bus to Donegal in time. With minutes to spare, I hopped on the bus and so wanted to share the great news with everyone. Nobody to hug or kiss. Some staring glances as this smiling Donegal woman set on her way home to her favourite place in the whole wild world, to be re-united with her family and of course to celebrate the great news.



A celebration of family, fun and friendship not to mention the great works of the famous Robbie Burns and the indulging in all things Scottish! A night of memories and merriement – people arrived as guests and departed as friends. Whisky was drunk, haggis was eaten, poems were read, songs were sung and there was plenty of dancing into the wee hours.


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  1. Danielle Boyle says:

    Congratulations again on your brilliant achievement. Your favourite place is also mine. I love it more each time I visit. Looking forward to seeing you all and staying in the hotel again at Easter.

  2. Claire Stewart says:

    Heartiest congratulations to you and everyone at Harvey’s Point. A most deserving award and one I was happy to contribute to on Trip Advisor.

  3. Leo Olivero says:

    Congratulations to Harvey’s on yet another important award, a true reflection on the high standards set by everyone in the team. Although significantly, these are standards that are maintained or these awards would not be repeated.

    God willing we will be joining you again in a few weeks time, although this time unfortunately only for a short stay over the St Patricks day celebrations, and hopefully back again in September with some family during the Cabaret season.

    Well done again


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