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Deirdre’s Diary

Sean’s Secrets…

“Welcome to Heaven” – one of Sean Murphy’s favourite sayings as he opens the door to your suite when you check into Harvey’s Point.  Sean is our charming concierge and one of the world’s finest gentlemen. This is a man who has an instant connection with people, a man who is immensely proud of his role in Harvey’s Point and who is  a true reflection of Irish hospitality at its best.

I recently asked him to share some of his secrets to being the perfect concierge.

“What is the role of a concierge?”

A concierge is many things to many people – a meeter / greeter, a listener, a talker, a bag carrier, a restaurant booker, a problem solver, a skilled multi-tasker and on occasion a miracle maker.

“What is the hallmark of a good concierge?”

In my opinion, discretion and integrity are the most important characteristics to have. Obviously, appearance is key and of course a genuine desire to welcome and look after guests needs.

“You mention discretion. Have you ever been tempted to share some juicy gossip about your guests?

I see ‘nothing’ so I say ‘nothing’ 🙂

“What do you love most about being a concierge?”

I love seeing guests melt into relaxation mode from the moment they arrive at Harvey’s Point. I meet so many interesting people. It’s great to get to know our many regular guests who come back time and time again. It is like welcoming them back home.

“What do the keys on your uniform represent?”

I am a proud member of ‘Les Clef’s d’Or’ which is a great organization of professional concierges in Ireland. The French term “concierge” means “keeper of the keys” and they are the symbol of the highest standards of customer service. The keys are your guarantee that you are in the care of a professional, dedicated to maximizing the potential of your visit, whether for business or pleasure.

Confessions Concierge - Sean Murphy proud member of ‘Les Clef’s d’Or’ The Golden Keys of Ireland.

Confessions Concierge – Sean Murphy proud member of ‘Les Clef’s d’Or’ The Golden Keys of Ireland.

“What do people expect when they stay in a hotel”?

Our guests are well travelled and so expectations have gone up hugely in recent years. They expect the highest of standards and good value for money but above all, they are looking for an escape. They would like to be treated like royalty but still feel at home.  It’s my main job to welcome our guests but also to engage with them during their stay so that they return home relaxed and refreshed and with the fondest of memories of Harvey’s Point and Donegal.

“Can you share a funny story with us?”

I remember we had a group of four ladies staying and they called reception to say they couldn’t operate the jazuzzi bath. When I entered the room, all four ladies were in their bathrobes. I showed them how to fill the bath to the right level and then I proceeded to take off my jacket and say “ok ladies, who will be first to join me?” We all had a good laugh about it. I think they thought I was serious!

There was another story I heard about a fellow concierge (from another hotel) who had lost quite a bit of weight but who hadn’t had his uniform altered. He was carrying two heavy suitcases up the stairs and suddenly his trousers fell down while he walked ahead of the guests – two ladies of course!

I enjoy telling guests stories and saying to them “50% of my stories are true and 50% not altogether true – but I’m not telling you which ones are which” !

Deirdre McGlone

August 16

Deirdre McGlone
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