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Cycling back in time with Team Harvey’s Point

Deirdre’s Diary

Cycling back in time

As our bus approached the meandering road to Glenveagh Castle, Noel wondered how Greta Garbo must have felt as she made her first journey to this hauntingly beautiful and remote place, ‘way back in the day’. The story of Glenveagh is indeed a fascinating tale, rich in terms of its colourful landscape and its even more colourful history. My own thoughts wandered to Mrs Cornelia Adair, who by all accounts made Glenveagh such a special place, and to Henry McIlhenny of Philadelphia, whose descendants found their way to being some of the first guests at Harvey’s Point, also ‘way back in the day’ : )

We mounted our sturdy bikes, courtesy of GrassRoutes Bicycle hire. Big thanks to Samantha and Sheila for organizing everything and of course to Paul for the most amazingly tasty ‘sangwiches’. What is it about eating outdoors?

Off we set, along the shores of Lough Beagh, everyone at their own pace but each in harmony with themselves and with those around them. The going was easy for the most part, until we passed by the lake and the mountainous journey began. Some of the party ‘whizzed’ by – those on those electric bikes (you know who you are) : ) – Eight kilometers later, we found our lunch spot high above the glen and with Glenveagh Castle far away in the distance, we ate, we laughed and we rested.

Downhill most of the way, we cycled back to the castle. Wandering around the gardens, their beauty enchanted me and I felt very respectful of the work and love that makes them so beautiful. Finding time for myself as I walked along, in a world of my own, then suddenly, Carl, James, Molly and Lucy jumped out from behind a bush and I could only laugh at their merriment. Back to the bus and a wee sleep beckoned as we journeyed home through Barnesmore Gap to Biddy’s for a wee pint.

Back to the present and looking forward to welcoming guests to Harvey’s Point tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe descendants of Greta Garbo, Charlie Chaplin, Clarke Gable or Marilyn Monroe might be on the arrival sheet?

Deirdre McGlone

July 2017

Deirdre McGlone
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    Harvey’s Point is Hotel of the Year in prestigious Georgina Campbell awards

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    Harvey’s Point named “Hotel of the Year” by Georgina Campbell