It’s five in the morning and I wake up smiling. The birds have started their morning sing-a-long and it’s already getting bright outside. Just thinking about the day gone by and I realize; No two days are the same at Harvey’s Point! This is the life that I love – doing what I enjoy and never a dull moment.

My day yesterday involved the usual ‘waltz’ around the hotel, meeting guests at breakfast and Sunday carvery lunch. I remember at one stage in the afternoon, walking around the hotel, feeling immensely proud to be part of the Harvey’s Point Story – “26 years of happy hotel-keeping”. There were people everywhere – guests checking out after a lovely weekend, families arriving all dressed up for Sunday lunch. Such a buzz.

Following a full house on Saturday night, our hard working Housekeeping Team had no easy task to turn bedrooms around for our new arrivals. Between three and four o’ clock, the pressure was on to facilitate our guests who arrived early and who were keen to check-in to enjoy their palatial suites as soon as possible. It truly was a team effort. Noel our General Manager, Kathleen our Operations Manager and every member of staff worked closely together to ensure that each guest was looked after.


The Lodge at Harvey's Point has been created for group holidays, breaks and activities and share a communal space while enjoying all the amenities of Harvey’s Point.

The Lodge at Harvey’s Point has been created for group holidays, breaks and activities and share a communal space while enjoying all the amenities of Harvey’s Point.


Meanwhile, we were expecting a group of Swiss Hillwalkers to check-in to our newly opened ‘Lodge @ Harvey’s Point’. My job was to be there to meet and greet the group with a glass of bubbles and a warm Donegal welcome. Just prior to their arrival, we had a last minute glitch as one of the new key cards didn’t work. Luckily, my “co-meeter and greeter”, nine year old daughter Christina, was on hand to run down to the hotel to get a replacement. So the group arrived and all was well. Then my wee girl fell and gashed her knee and elbow. Because I was entertaining the group, she didn’t want to disturb me so she was trying to hobble home while tears were flowing down her face. Luckily a guest alerted me and I took her home, knowing full well that in exactly ten minutes, I had to be back at the hotel to join a conference. It was just then it dawned on me that every working Mammy and Daddy experience these moments to decide what comes first and when – work or family? Luckily Christina was fine and thankfully an elastoplast and a bowl of ice cream did the trick to ensure a speedy recovery.


Ladies by the Lake - Growing for Growth

Ladies by the Lake – “Growing for Growth”


Racing back to the hotel, with minutes to spare, I met my conference colleagues from the Women in Business ‘Going for Growth’ networking community. I was delighted to host such a prestigious event at Harvey’s Point and we had a productive meeting followed by delicious dinner in our Lakeside Restaurant.

Later that evening, it was reported that there was a donkey loose on the road. As it happened, it was our donkey, Jack and two ponies, Suzie & Merrylegs who were headed for a midnight jaunt. I drove to the house, threw off the high heels and replaced them with a pair of wellies. Arriving at the field, all was calm and our three animals were grazing lazily with big innocent eyes. Heros of the night, Christy, Ciaran and Declan, our night staff had herded them back to their grassy base and in true Harvey’s Point spirit, went above and beyond the call of duty so that I could continue entertaining my guests.


This is what Harvey’s Point is all about. Teamwork, helping each other and going the extra mile with a smile ☺


29th June 2015