Yes Equality – Truly a Nation of Equals

Harvey’s Point joins in sending our best wishes on the success of the ‘Yes Vote’ in today’s Referendum on same sex marriage. Here at the hotel, we believe in all people’s dignity, equality, respect and inclusion, be it our guests or our colleagues. We have been honoured to host many same sex celebrations and we now look forward to extending the warmest welcome to all same sex couples wishing to celebrate their marriage.
Ireland once again leads the world and as always we at Harvey’s Point are delighted to be part of positive history in the making. We are proud to be the Number 1 Wedding Venue in Ireland, serving all our wonderful citizens with world class hotel keeping and hospitality.

Everyone is welcome at Harvey’s Point. Congratulations once again on this momentous YES message sent out across the world by the people of Ireland.


The Gysling Family, Noel & Team