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Autumn/Winter Gardening at Harvey’s Point

Deirdre’s Diary

The glorious autumn weather has finally come to an end and winter has set in leaving many plants suddenly very bedraggled especially after night time temperatures of  -6°c., fortunately the low temperatures didn’t affect the seedlings – October sown  Sweet pea   “Mammoth mix” and  “Giant Spencer waved” have  all germinated and growing well along with some Lupin Russell hybrids.

Autumn/Winter at Harvey's Point

Autumn/Winter at Harvey’s Point

The River lilies (Hesperantha coccinea “Major”) that were divided around this time last year are doing well and supplying a much needed splash of colour in the mixed borders.

As with last year spring bulbs have been planted into pots so they can be easily popped into areas that need a bit of colour next spring, along with the old reliables- crocus, muscari, snowdrops and the Narcissus cyclamineus “tete a tete”; I’m going to try the Narcissus tazetta “Minnow”.

“Minnow” is a dwarf daffodil that grows up to 20cm, with stems carrying up to 5 flowers 2.5cm across, the perianth segments are creamy-white and the small cup pale yellow, fading to creamy white.

Autumn/Winter at Harvey's Point

Autumn/Winter at Harvey’s Point

Several Cider gums (Eucalyptus gunnii) were planted this November along with a rescued tree cotoneaster. The cotoneaster was spotted growing through a hedgerow in pretty poor shape when it was removed the roots split to give two plants , I think it might be Waterer’s cotoneaster but it may well be Cotoneaster frigidus “Cornubia” time will tell , either way they are very attractive trees and should suit the location.

Autumn/Winter at Harvey's Point

Autumn/Winter at Harvey’s Point

Fungicide treatment for box blight has now stopped for the winter and will resume in early spring – halt clipping will start over the next few weeks , it’s too early to tell if  the treatment is working  but there has been some unaffected  growth so again time will tell if the treatment is working , we have been lucky  with our box hedging in that they are not too badly infected and it wouldn’t  be a disaster if we lost a stretch  of  hedging,  I certainly wouldn’t like to be in the gardeners position at the historic gardens of  Viewmount house in Longford  where  on a recent visit I noticed that their box parterre is badly infected and could be very difficult to remedy without the removal of hundreds of plants.

The well laid out gardens at Viewmount reinforce the concept of structure in the gardens; as the use of statuary, pots , topiary and  variety of leaf colour and texture all work together to give visual interest even in the depths of winter and I’m happy to say that the same concepts are starting to come together here at Harvey’s  with pond area in particular coming together well in this regard, but I may be asking Santa for a statue of Buddha or a stone pagoda to further enhance the area!

Pat Murphy

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