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Happy couples at Harvey’s Point

Deirdre’s Diary

It has been said before. It must be true. There is definitely something in the air at Harvey’s Point. We have been welcoming guests to our hotel for many years and we are honoured to be chosen by lots of couples as the destination of choice for those celebrating a special occasion, whether it’s an engagement, wedding, anniversary or just a romantic escape. It is always richly rewarding to see couples leave our hotel with a smile on their faces and a twinkle in their eyes!

Love Stories

Everyone loves a good story. And there is no shortage of them in the many chapters of the Harvey’s Point story spanning over twenty-seven years. In particular, there are lots of love stories. We’ll start with our swans – an elegant couple, who have lived on Lough Eske for as long as I can remember. In the early years, they had cygnets almost on an annual basis but recently, it’s just the two of them, gracefully swimming side by side in perfect harmony with nature and each other.

Home-made Holidays at Harvey's Point

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Girly Getaway

Whether it's a girly getaway with your girlfriends or a Mother & Daughter treat or pre-wedding wedding get together Harvey's Point is the ideal location to get the girls together.
mini moon in Ireland at Harveys Point Co. Donegal. Honeymoon in ireland

Mini-Moon at Harvey's Point

Enjoy a relaxing and romantic beginning to married life with our Mini Moon at Harvey's Point Package. Unwind from the stress of the planning with some pampering in the romantic surroundings of Lough Eske.

Two Night Romantic Break

Escape to one of Ireland's most romantic locations on the shores of Lough Eske, at the foot of the Bluestack Mountains. Enjoy a Two Night Romantic Break in a Luxurious Suite with breakfast each morning and dinner on one evening.

Marc & Deirdre

My first glimpse of Marc was when he was driving a tractor on the grassy lake-shore road leading to Harvey’s Point. I recall saying to my sister Nuala, who was in the car with me at the time, “he’s cute” or something like that. It was 1989, the year that Harvey’s Point opened its doors. This was the beginning of my long lasting ‘summer job’, the beginning of my career in the hospitality industry. But it was also the beginning of a wonderful new relationship of love and friendship. In those early days, Marc and I shared a common interest in horses and pints of Guinness. He was working at the stables and doing odd jobs around the hotel and I was working at reception. His English was minimal and he was quite shy but somehow conversation flowed (nothing to do with the Guinness of course). The romantic part started after a night out in Donegal Town with the staff (all twelve of us). Later, back at Harvey’s Point, Marc and I sneaked into the kitchen and he made the most delicious scrambled eggs. I’m not saying it was ‘love at first bite’ but I can still remember the taste. We chatted for hours, sitting on the kitchen bench and as it was soon the dawn of a fine summer’s day, we decided to go horse-riding up into the Bluestack Mountains. The romantic music in my head stopped when Marc said I had ‘sleep’ in my eyes! Then reality dawned and we realized we had better get back to the hotel to start breakfast shift – Marc as chef, myself as server. Throughout breakfast service, we shared a secret smile or two and that was that! Our live-in quarters, comprising room 206 and 208 were soon replaced with a lovely little house close to Harvey’s Point. Aptly named “The Cosy Spot”, it is our home and haven to this very day. Years passed, happily living and working together, and then we were married on Valentine’s Day 1996. It was indeed a special day shared with family and friends. And Marc hasn’t once forgotten our wedding anniversary.

Renate & Jody

When Jody arrived at Lough Eske, many locals considered him to be the perfect ‘Swiss-Donegal’ catch. However, Renate, the woman who ‘caught’ him came from Switzerland but she now joins him as an Irish citizen (or ‘Swiss Paddy’) as they like to call each other. They live in a beautiful house that Jody built, overlooking Lough Eske. Jody is a man of great Vision, who keeps hatching plans to further enhance Harvey’s Point. He also has a great eye for detail and rightly demands only the highest standards of hotel-keeping, food and hospitality. Renate takes care of Jody and she also looks after the well-being of the cats and wildlife that make up the Harvey’s Point extended family.

Ann Marie & Niall

Currently celebrating twenty two years together, Ann Marie and Niall found true love at Harvey’s Point. They say they met in the ‘servery’, which is the restaurant equivalent of the office photocopier or cooler, in terms of news and sometimes romance! They have been members of the Harvey’s Point team since 1994 and they had their wedding at the hotel in July 2003. Living locally, Ann Marie and Niall love spending time together and despite busy work and home schedules, they make time for each other by taking well deserved short breaks in hotels around Ireland. They are the proud parents of Cian, Daire and Oisin.

Sara & Chris

I can’t help but smile when I think of my niece Sara and her husband Chris, as their story is not unlike that of Marc and I. They started out as young students, helping out at the hotel and they have worked their way up to become members of the Harvey’s Point senior management team. Chris was working in wash-up but gradually was given more responsibility to work alongside Marc and the kitchen brigade. At a very young age, he made no secret of the fact that he was determined to become Head Chef of Harvey’s Point someday. He has followed his dream to a tee! Meanwhile, Sara also progressed up through the ranks, having gained experience overseas and in the Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin. Sara is now the Food & Beverage Manager of Harvey’s Point. Their first encounter was a sweet one as it was in the pastry kitchen where they first met, over eight years ago. I don’t know what Sara put in the cake mix but it worked. They have been together ever since! In 2012, they had their wedding reception at Harvey’s Point. They arrived in a horse-drawn carriage and were welcomed by a guard of honour, with chefs and their pots and pans, etc. What a party that followed! Sara and Chris were blessed with the arrival of their beautiful daughter, Amelia, in 2015.

Tatjana & Orhan

Seven years ago, there was another “servery” moment, when Orhan, our Restaurant Manager and Sommelier met Tatjana, who was also working in the restaurant. (Maybe there is something in the coffee?). Their romance has blossomed into their recent engagement and the big question from their colleagues now is “When is the Big day?” That too will be another celebration to mark in the Harvey’s Point calendar!

Nicole & Roger

This is a lovely story of how two young Swiss people arrived in Ireland twelve years ago and during that time have got married and made Donegal their home. Childhood sweethearts, they have been together for nineteen years. They are very much part of the family as Nicole was ‘nanny’ to our three children, Carl, James and Christina, when they were a young age. Nicole now works as hostess in our Lodge and Roger works in our sales office. They have a cute three-year old son named Simon, who will no doubt speak both perfect Swiss German and English, albeit with a Donegal accent! The story continues with Nicole’s parents (high-school sweethearts), who have recently chosen Donegal as their home.

There are many other couples that work together at Harvey’s Point and these include Gavin and Anna, Rory and Freda, Barbara and Lucas, Danny & Leeanne, Willy and Karin and maybe more? There may well be many future romances brewing around the hotel. So, from now on, I will be keeping a close eye on the servery.

“What makes for the perfect Valentine’s Day?”

With Valentine’s Day on the way, it brings to mind certain things – red roses, chocolates, bubbles, fancy dinner and good old Hallmark. But Valentine’s Day is really all about connecting or reconnecting with your partner. It’s about making time for each other, doing something together and making memories. The perfect setting may be wild or sophisticated, complex or simple. It’s easy to be swamped by the commercialisation of Valentine’s Day. And yes, hotels and restaurants do try to make the most of it. Harvey’s Point is no exception. But here we think that “Love is not just for Valentine’s Day – it’s for all year around!”

Happy Valentine’s Day x


February 2018

Deirdre McGlone
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