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Breakfast at Harvey’s Point

Deirdre’s Diary

Many people judge a hotel by the way in which the toilets are maintained and I agree with this wholeheartedly. However on my travels, I also find that a good benchmark to assess a hotel is by the breakfast it serves and in particular, the quality of the scrambled eggs on offer.

Scrambling for Success…….

It’s true that scrambled eggs are easy to make, but difficult to do well. Young chefs are often given the task of making scrambled eggs as part of the interview / selection process to test the level of their cooking skills.

Scrambled Eggs - Breakfast at Harvey’s Point

There is nothing more satisfying than a plate of perfect, velvety scrambled eggs with home-made brown bread and or smoked salmon. It’s so sad to see scrambled eggs ‘gone wrong’. Pale, tasteless, split, rubbery, watery – the list goes on and on. At home, we have competitions to see who can make the best scrambled eggs. With good tuition from Daddy chef Marc, both Carl and Christina have learned the art of making ‘fluffy’ as we call it. I actually have had success in maintaining the high standard set. It’s the one (and perhaps only) dish that I can cook with confidence.

At Harvey’s Point, our scrambled eggs are regularly praised by our guests as being the best they have ever eaten. Truth be told and in all modesty, our scrambled eggs are golden, luxurious, creamy and dreamy. I asked our chefs to share their secrets to making the best scrambled eggs.

Why should good hotels serve great breakfasts?

Breakfast in hotels is often one of the most under-rated and overlooked meals, but if it’s done well, it can be a unique selling point in the overall hotel experience. Travellers rank complimentary breakfast and free wifi as the most valuable hotel amenities when choosing which hotel to book. Research has shown that guests look forward to breakfast. Google conducted a consumer survey on ‘Which hotel feature do you most look forward to?’, and 42.4% of respondents said they most look forward to eating breakfast!

Breakfast is more often than not the last impressions that guests have of a hotel – and we’re only as good as our last offering. It is usually consumed before paying the bill and so can soften the pain at check-out.

Scrambling for Success

People have different needs at breakfast and the offering has to cater for a range of different appetites and timings. A good breakfast team understands and meets these needs. Little extra touches can make a hotel breakfast stand out from the crowd. Food quality is paramount and guests love to know the story behind the product. For example, our Swiss Birchermüesli comes from Granny Gysling, my sister Eilis makes the delicious scones and chef Paul has created his collection of home-made jams. Our recently launched ‘Bubbles at Breakfast’ is very popular with those wishing to spend a lazy day at the hotel.

Personally, I find breakfast service a good time to engage with our guests. It is a great opportunity to find out if they have enjoyed their visit, how they heard of the hotel and for those staying for a few days, to assist them with planning their day ahead. Every one of our Team plays their part in making breakfast an exceptional experience for our discerning guests. Even Harvey our resident goose and our family of swans and ducks come on stage to set the scene for a morning matinee to marvel at.

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